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Where am I?

This blog is about European travels… supported by car (or auto if you wish). Each year we (me and my wife) travel somewhere outside of Poland to see how other places look and smell and how other nations behave, travel, eat, buy and rest. Not exactly in that order, I guess.

We travel by car, because we are lazy. No, that was unfair, we love mountain climbing, so actually you can’t call us complete lazybones ;) . Maybe it’s not laziness, but the feeling of freedom that car gives us. Anyway, if you can’t imagine travelling without your hair dryer or you don’t like to wait at the bus stops, this blog can help you decide where and how to spend your next vacation.


So, errr, the only problem is that currently there is no English version, but… it will definitely emerge in the future! For now, you will have to use Google Translate or try to learn Polish*. Or you can just look at the nice landscapes and make your decisions without reading.

*Remember, that the first choice is the best one. We have warned you!


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